& she's so scared
to get close to
because everyone
that ever said
i'll be there
  muselé wt. loaf


when u love
someone you can tell.
but when your IN LOVE with someone
everyone else can tell..


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  So , you got a pretty girl. Let`s show her off to your friends. C`mon that`s all you
care about. Showing her off. Telling your buddies "oh yeah i get what i want
from her". Hanging up on her when your with them. Telling her stupid stuff. Making
excuses. And all your buddies think " Oh yeah she`s whipped ". They see her and
say " Woah she`s hot. Hahah did you do her yet?" They`re just like you. All they
see is a face like a model, a body like a statue, hair like a stylist , clothes
like a designer . But what they don`t see is this girl has a personality. She`s great
to you. Calls you, tells you everything. Everything about her, you`re the first to
know. She trusts you around other girls. She`s confident in you. But you know all
you and your "boys" think about is gettin some and all you guys think about is if
she`s good enough to show off. All you guys want is comfort at night when you have no
one to say " I Love You" to. Of course you`ll just turn to her. Why ? because you
know she`ll be there for you. She`ll always be on the other end of the line no matter
what time it is in the morning. To say '' I Love You dont worry". But what if she
got fed up and left? . You`d realize you needed her. You wanted her. But it`s to late.
You`ll have no one to say " I Love You" on the other end of the phone and really
mean it. No, you wouldn`t. You'd be all alone like you were without her. Just another
player... Like all the rest.
So relize what you have - and don`t fuck with it

i'm not the kind of girl
who runs up when you walk into a room,
or the kind that talks to you every chance I get.
But I am the kind of girl who holds it all inside
and regrets it later.


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